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Cowichan Souvenir Company believes in creating amazing embroidered souvenirs and producing it for you. We want every detail to meet your specifications with an outstanding standard of quality so that your product will turn heads, dazzle on the shelves, and generate more sales for your business, all in a timely fashion. To accomplish this, we know we need the very best equipment to work with. And in our industry, that means using Barudan machines.

Barudan started innovating in 1959 when Japanese inventor Yoshio Shibata created the first embroidery machines in Japan. By the early 1960’s, these machines were available on the Japanese market and enjoyed tremendous success. Barudan opened its American corporate branch in 1985, and has been the unparalleled leader in North America ever since. For over 60 years, the excellent performance and innovation by Barudan has meant superior quality and cutting-edge thread technology.

That’s why here at Cowichan Souvenir Company, we’ve purchased a brand new 8-head Barudan K-series embroidery machine. This incredible workhorse can handle even the most complex designs with ease. Its positive needle drive technology means that we can handle embroidering on Baradun 8 Head Embroidery Machinea wide variety of materials, from embroidered caps to garments of every type, thicker cottons like straps and karate belts, even leather goods. For you, that means we can get your design on the article of your choice, in an amazing selection of designs.  The 8 working heads, each with 15 needles to satisfy even the most demanding colour palette, will make short work of your large orders, making turnaround times efficient and getting your embroidered souvenir products to market as quickly as possible. We are here to make your business flourish!

For more information on what our machine is capable of, please Contact Us.

Souvenir Manufacturer & Wholesale Embroidery

Cowichan Souvenir Company

Cowichan is a high volume manufacturer of souvenirs and design apparel for all industries. From the quality of thread to design and color, we maintain our standard of production to deliver souvenirs of quality as promised.

Designed and decorated in Canada, our embroidered souvenir products cater to the retailers and big souvenir shops from the historic National parks, to tourist attractions, to boutique souvenir shops in small-town America.

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