2021—Forging a Bright Future

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Cowichan Souvenir Co. is a Canadian based souvenir manufacturer that delivers high quality, premium products. We’re efficient. We’re professional. And we want to become THE choice when it comes to providing wholesale souvenirs that your customers truly treasure. After all, a souvenir is not just a token. It’s a memory of time well spent.

Innovation and customer satisfaction is what we do best. Cowichan Souvenir Co. is committed to producing excellent products, fostering new relationships, and creating business opportunities for you and your community. We are dedicated to professional development, collecting feedback and truly listening to our clients.

The last year has been one for the record books. The Covid-19 crisis brought immense uncertainty, and there’s no doubt the business world has taken a hit. However, there is nothing like a global health pandemic to show how us how much we appreciate our health, families, schools, careers and community stability. Despite the challenges we all have faced, Cowichan Souvenir Co. is committed to forging a bright future, and working to get superior products both on your shelves and in the hearts of your customers.

Take a peek at what we offer and drop us a line if you’d like to connect:

Wholesale Souvenir Apparel – Contact Us – Cowichan Souvenir Co.

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