Souvenir Manufacturer

Wholesale Embroidery

Cowichan is a high volume manufacturer of souvenirs and design apparel for all industries. From the quality of thread to design and color, we maintain our standard of production to deliver souvenirs of quality as promised.

Designed and decorated in Canada, our products cater to the retailers and big souvenir shops from the historic National parks, to tourist attractions, to boutique souvenir shops in small-town America.

Core Values

We hold our standards high and strive to meet them in every order we take so that our valued customers always receive the same degree of perfection and quality as they expected. Our core values are a part of our daily operations and we make sure to observe them at all levels.



Our first and foremost concern is client’s satisfaction. We work hard to always meet and exceed their expectations of us.


We focus on bridging the communication gap with our customers so that we may design and deliver the souvenirs as per their request.


We emphasize on evolving, creating new and innovative designs while offering on trend souvenir apparel.

Quality product

At Cowichan Souvenir Co., our focus is on delivering the best quality product to our clients. We pay keen attention to details and design, raw materials and resources to produce high-volume quality results in time.