Moose- The Icon of The North

 In Wildlife

It takes a powerful symbol to not only represent entire cultures and ecosystems, but also capture the sentiments of attachment and place in the hearts of those who live there. Yet for people living in the Northern Hemisphere, such a symbol exists. It is an animal which is instantly recognizable, bringing to mind the large northern woodland. That animal is the moose.

Moose are gigantic. The average moose towers above the landscape at almost 7 feet tall at the shoulder, with antlers that can easily span up to 5 feet. With dimensions like these, it’s no wonder this magnificent creature represents power, majesty, adaptability and independence. Their presence in any terrain indicates a healthy, abundant landscape and the hint of solitude and wilderness.

The depiction of a moose as an emblem of the North is not new. Representations of moose have been found in cave paintings that are thousands of years old. It is an image that is relevant all across this continent, from Washington to Maine in the United States, and from British Columbia to the famous populations of Newfoundland in Canada. And moose habitat continues, stretching far into the Yukon and Alaska.



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